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Dream Camp MongoliaDream Camp in Mongolia

dream camp prayerMongolian youth praying together during Dream Camp

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 Pastor Sheika and HakaPastor Sheika and his family

MONGOLIA.... a vast beautiful land about the same size as Alaska with less than 3 million people, yet so many of them have yet to hear about Jesus. Mongolia is still 86% unreached for the Gospel!

When Russia released its grip in 1990, Mongolia was one of the last nations to embrace democratic and religious freedom reforms. In 1980 there were no known indigenous Mongolian believers and still in the early '90's there was but a handful of Christians. Today one-third of the population is Buddhist and less than 3% Christian.  But Christianity has had the opportunity to grow and many people's hearts have been changed.

Yet shamanism is also on the radar with many young people turning to it, and animism still has a strong hold on the people, especially among the tribes and nomads of the land. However, now there are more than 100,000 believers, according to some sources.

Our Involvement

We have had the privilege of participating in the harvest through short-term teams, working with local church planters, and mercy ministries in the nomadic countryside.  We have been working in the nation of Mongolia since 1997 (in conjunction with YWAM Port Orchard from whom our current ministries were born). At that time our King’s Kids teams began trips into Mongolia with basketball teams and English camps.  

Changed Lives

One young woman who attended one of those camps was touched by the message of Jesus, committed her life to the Lord and many years later came to Discovery Bay where she did her DTS, TESOL and SOFM!  She is now involved in establishing “Tribal Bridge” and building a training center near her home town in Mongolia. Learn more about Tribal Bridge

In 2012 a Mongolian pastor and his wife and family came to Discovery Bay and attended our DTS, returning with a great passion for their nation and a desire to help other families in their church to be involved in missions, not only in Mongolia but in other parts of Asia.

So in early 2013 our Discovery Bay DTS traveled into Mongolia in the dead of winter for one month of outreach, working with the local church, pastored by this amazing couple and their children. We shared with their fellowship, joined in with ministry at a local public hospital, praying for burn and frostbite victims, assembling hospital beds and serving in other ways. We then traveled north and ministered in other cities to churches and a prison and traveled out to the border of Russia where we prayed for that country.

While we were there, we taught a discipleship seminar for believers in that remote town and we discovered the very real need of discipleship among them. So many pastors do not have adequate training, so our heart is to be involved in helping to meet that need.

Dream Camp

In the summer of 2013, we were involved in the "Dream Camp," an evangelistic church-sponsored camp to reach out to the young people. Started two years ago, almost 200 young people attended have attended each camp. Here at the camp many hear the good news of Jesus for the very first time and some of those that have attended are now serving in the church. We hope to have an ongoing impact in this camp every year.

Here at YWAM Discovery Bay God has given us a heart for Mongolia, and we hope to continue to be a part of what God is doing in that amazing part of the world.

Perhaps He would have you join us?