vb 2019 Venture Beyond!

Make YOUR Vision a Reality!

During this three-week leadership seminar, you will be challenged to take on the impossible and then run with passion, courage and confidence to see your visions and goals become a reality 

It will help to equip you to take that first step in the developing of what God has spoken to you and go for making it happen. 

Be Mentored, Taught and Inspired by Experienced Leaders!

This seminar will be led by YWAM leaders with decades of experience in the mission who have gone before us to pioneer and establish ministries on the frontiers and challenged and trained others to do the same. 

You will be equipped as a leader to make YOUR vision a reality through these seasoned and mature pioneer leaders’ teaching, input and mentoring. This seminar will help to show you how to embrace right principles and how to stay focused and go the distance. It will teach you how to keep your vision moving forward successfully and how to avoid pitfalls that could potentially take you out along the way. You will learn how to handle a variety of challenging situations that occur when pioneering - within your project, the culture and your team.

The setting of our leadership seminar will be a learning environment where there will be lots of participation and interactive teaching elements and where both staff and students will learn and work together. 

This Seminar Will Change your Life and How YOU Look at Leadership and Pioneering!

This intensive training will equip you with value-based leadership skills that will aid in vision a becoming a reality. We will look at key themes of YWAM, the history and lessons learned and also dissect, discuss and receive valuable training in the area of understanding spheres, project development, integrity and faithfulness, partnerships, pioneering, servant leadership, pitfalls in pioneering, importance of God’s Word, living with your weakness, leadership whether single of a family, and team formation.


  • A YWAM Leader’s Recommendation

If you are wanting to develop your leadership potential, this is the seminar for YOU. Register Today!