Learning and teaching English.
Keys to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Summer 2020 TESOL Course

Dates: July 6 - August 7
Cost: TBD Apply Today!

English has become the universal language.
It has given the opportunity to be a major influence for the gospel. Our five week intensive TESOL course will emphasize the practical methods and techniques for teaching the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We focus on creative teaching methods to clearly communicate the grammar, pronunciation, and communicative skills our students need.

You will also receive practice opportunities during an observation/teaching practicum.
tesol girl teachingLearning and teaching English. Keys to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Our students have literally branched out all over the world. Many of them spent the a full- year serving in Asia. One permanently moved to India to do missions work with her new Indian husband. Three traveled to Ukraine and ended up doing their DTS there, pioneering new schools. Then two went on to other nations to help change lives in another part of the world!  One of them is now married living in the Ukraine with her husband and directing a YWAM Base! One student went directly to Mexico to teach English and another back to Chile. Several taught ESL classes here in the States. At the conclusion of the course, the students express their joy at having completed very intense five weeks and share what they will take with them and how this will help them in the future. Here are some examples:

Marianne from Switzerland
Marianne is from Switzerland and English was not her first language. She has worked with YWAM in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and in the U.S. She really enjoyed teaching English on the mission field and decided to pursue more training. She expressed, “I gained a lot of new insights and saw more clearly how teaching English is a form of missions. I learned how professionalism in teaching is something that we owe to our students; it is part of our testimony. I want to serve my students by teaching the best that I can.” She combined her heart for youth and kids’ ministries with her new teaching skills to serve overseas in Russia and she and her husband are now serving full time there.

Ruth Teaching in Taiwan
Ruth found herself searching for direction when the program she had planned on doing was canceled. An opportunity to teach English in Taiwan surfaced, but she needed the TESOL certificate and had only a short time to obtain it. God opened the door by leading her to Discovery Bay. She then left to teach for a year. When asked how helpful the TESOL training had been, she replied, “This course helped to ease much of the fear and uncertainty for me. It was a huge learning experience! We spent half of our class hours doing student-teaching presentations. I now have the tools, the hands-on experience, and an instructor I can continue to call for advice. I never could have gotten that from an online course. It is very exciting to see the new doors God is opening.”

Sense of Community
It is amazing how God guides our lives as individuals and brings people together from very different places to gain common training to then use in a variety of different ways. Each one of the students when asked what they enjoyed most about the course described the sense of community and open supportive environment that really allowed them to grow. While the cour

se is really intense, Cheramie described it well, “Yeah it was hard, but it is only five weeks of our lives, so we knew we could push through the hard parts-- and we did!”  Cheramie joined TESOL after working with YWAM in Switzerland, Lebanon, and Egypt. She invested the next year by helping to start a café ministry in downtown Puyallup. Naomi returned to Ensenada, Mexico to use her creativity and passion and new teaching skills to help others there. After a few years Carol and her husband left for Papa New Guinea and are still serving their full time with Wycliff!

God truly is working all over the world and we are so privileged to play a part.

tesol DEbra MaertinsDebra Maertin is one of our excellent TESOL instructors.